Seiko Prospex 1970 Diver's Re-Creation SLA033 (Limited Edition)

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What do you get when you mix Seiko's iconic 6105 Willard (famously worn by Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now), with a modern high-end build quality and a luxury-grade finish? If you guessed the Seiko Prospex SLA033, then you are correct (though, I hesitate to give full credit, since you've already landed on this page). To sum it up, this is as close to "new" as you will get with a pre-worn watch. Full set. Fantastic condition. And with a limited run of 2,500 units worldwide, you have yourself a truly unique collectible, that doesn’t pop up too often. 


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+ Outer white box & inner blue box
+ Stamped warranty card from authorized dealer (Canada)
+ Hang tags
+ Manuals
+ WARRANTY: Roughly 1.5 years remaining on a 3 year Canadian warranty 



This is the re-issue us vintage watch nerds have been waiting for. I say "re-issue" but since noticing that Seiko itself avoids this phrasing, I'm enticed to re-evaluate how I both refer to, and think about this intriguing limited edition piece. Why has Seiko decided to call the SLA033 a “re-creation” as opposed to a “re-issue”?

Well, it wouldn't be the first time. Seiko has also dubbed at least two other recent references from the Prospex line as "re-creations": the the Alpinist SJE085 and the SLA025. If I am to draw comparisons between the SLA033 and the aforementioned watches, I would note that they share the following characteristics:

  • Limited editions
  • Upgraded re-imaginings of iconic references from the golden age of sport watches. 

So, these are not your run-of-the-mill carbon copy repeats. And while they tend to draw faithful inspiration from their predecessors, particularly from an aesthetic standpoint, these "re-creations" masterfully merge iconic references of the old, with upgraded modern specifications. 


We've heard the stories of the iconic Seiko 6105 - Apocalypse Now, Vietnam, the Naomi Eumura expeditions - but after handling this piece, it is difficult to ignore why this watch is special.  

Firstly this piece feels like a luxury watch. Its weight, presence on the wrist, and the smooth yet firm action on the bezel, all lift this watch to heights that are eons beyond any entry-level Seiko. 

BUT it's the treatment given to the bezel and general outer built quality of the watch that you first notice as something truly exceptional. The upper surface of the bezel enjoys a full Zaratsu finish, a meticulous polishing technique typically reserved for higher-end Grand Seiko watches. These watches were assembled in Seiko Shizukuishi Watch Studio, another luxury typically reserved for Seiko's luxury offerings such as Grand Seiko and Credor. 

Mechanically speaking, the SLA033 is a clear upgrade from its predecessor. Housed inside this seemingly indestructible case is a 26 jewel caliber 8L35 movement, which delivers a 50 hour power reserve, and beats at 28,800 vph (up from 21,600 vph in the original 6105a). 


    The watch is in exceptional condition, with very little signs of wear. There is a very light scuff on the outer bezel, only visible in certain light, which I personally didn't notice until I was taking pictures through the macro lens. Other than that, there are no marks worth noting. With the full set included, this is a compelling package. 

    Brand: Seiko (Prospex)
    Model: Polaris SLA033
    Production Year: 2020
    Complications: Date
    Case: Stainless steel with "super-hard" coating
    Bezel: Stainless Steel case w. zaratsu polished bezel
    Case size: 45mm (diameter) & 13mm (thickness)
    Dial: Black
    Lume: Hands and indexes
    Depth Rating: 200 meters
    Strap: Waffle pattern silicone strap
    Movement: 8L35
    Power Reserve: 50 hours
    Frequency: 28,800 vph
    Jewels: 26

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