THE COLLECTION IS LIVE! And How I Met Watch Parts Motorcycles.

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If you've spent any time exploring the creative world of horological art, there's a very good chance you have come across Dan Tanenbaum (aka. Watch Parts Motorcycles), and his eccentric work. 


Browsing Dan's instagram is like stepping into the world of a Tim Burton movie, or a Tool music video.


To experience Dan's work is to be invited into the depths of his imagination. And I won't be the only one to tell you that there's no place quite like Dan Tanenbaum's imagination. Browsing his instagram is like stepping into the world of a Tim Burton movie, or a Tool music video. And if that already excites you, you should know it’s nothing compared to seeing his work in-person. Holding it in your hands. And if you're lucky enough, actually owning one of his masterpieces.    


Dan and I came together several years ago, when I noticed he was posting pictures around my neighbourhood. "Could this maniac live nearby?", I thought to myself (half excited, half terrified). I decided to message him, and as it turns out, he was indeed my neighbour, and couldn’t be a more awesome guy.

Image by Adam Weitner 

We've since become IRL friends, regularly meeting for watch talk, photo sessions, and a soon-to-be longboard cruise through the hood. Sometimes I'm even granted the extreme pleasure of photographing his amazing creations before they get shipped out the door to art collectors around the world. What a privilege!


But now...I am truly excited to reveal our very first collaborative project. The concept bubbled up one afternoon with our watch collections, and Dan's sculptures covering the table in front of us. The idea was to offer something very special for the next Watchable Community Series. It came together quickly, and before I knew it, Dan was creating!

What you see here, is the result of that initial brainstorm, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you today. 




The release is comprised of 2 unique sets:

1. Watch Parts Dioramas (each with a signed case-back by Dan)
2. Watch Parts Cufflinks

Each sculpture is a completely one-of-a-kind creation from the mind and hands of Dan Tanenbaum.

To browse the available pieces, and to purchase, head over to the product page.

We encourage you to act fast if you want to snag your very own Watch Parts Motorcycles object. Both sets are EXTREMELY limited, and once they're gone, they're gone (at least for this run - but more on that below). 

Click the pictures below to view the collection:



Dan and I are hoping to expand the series, and produce more unique pieces together in the future. So, if you've missed out this time, you will be able to add your name to a waiting-list, which will allow us to contact you if/when a new run is moving into production. 

Putting your name on the list is not a guarantee that you will receive an allocation, but does provide you with priority status, should more of these objects be produced at a later date.