Buying a Vintage Watch

The vintage watches in this shop, in most cases, are several decades old. They are delicate mechanical objects that have previously been worn and used by their previous owners. In other words, they will have imperfections, and while they will be suitable for everyday wear, they will require a special degree of care. This, I believe, is part of the charm of vintage watch collecting. 

    Each watch that passes through the Watchable shop is reviewed and tested within my limited scope of watchmaking expertise. If any major functional issues or external flaws are identified, they will either be clearly indicated in the listing, OR if the issue prevents the watch from meeting my standard for everyday wear, the watch will be serviced by one of my trusted watchmakers before appearing in the shop.  

      Unless listed as "serviced", the watch's service history is unknown, and it is the buyer's responsibility to have the timepiece inspected, and serviced by a professional watchmaker. 

        Vintage watches ARE NOT like modern watches. They have lived a life, and often have the scars to show for it. It is normal for a mechanical watch to gain or lose 1-2 minutes, and it is advised that ANY vintage watch is kept away from all water sources, despite what the watch may say on the dial or case-back. Unless otherwise stated, these pieces have not been pressure tested for water resistance. 

        Watchable gathers all available provenance from previous owners and/or sellers, and assesses condition in good faith and with best judgement. If buyer has any concerns regarding authenticity, or the condition of the watch is not as described in the listing, returns may be accepted within 5 days of the watch being delivered. Please refer to the "Shipping & Returns" page for further details.

        Beyond the above mentioned return period, Watchable does not independently offer a guarantee of authenticity.