NOS: Bulova Accutron Spaceview 100th Anniversary in Steel (c. 1975)


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Produced for only one year to celebrate 100 years of Bulova, this is one of the rarest Accutron references ever made. And with only 10% made in stainless steel, this variation is particularly hard to come by, and in NOS condition like this one...practically unheard of. 



In 1960, amidst a period of rapid technological advancements that inspired innovation across all sectors of society and consumer products, Bulova introduced a timepiece that presented its own unique vision of an electric future. That timepiece is the Accutron - the world's first electronic watch to come to market, many years before the quartz crisis would take the watch market to its knees.

The Accutron, crafted by Swiss innovator, Max Hetzel, eliminated the traditional balance wheel, opting instead for a 360-hertz tuning fork driven by electromagnets and a battery-powered transistor oscillator circuit. Its unprecedented precision, accurate to within two seconds per day, was so accurate that it actually became the first watch to meet the standards for U.S. Railroad certification.




The Spaceview model, initially designed as a display piece to showcase the Accutron's intricate mechanics, unexpectedly captivated the window-shoppers passing by. The transparent design, allowing a clear view of its internal workings, led to a surge in demand for the display model itself, prompting Bulova to release retail versions of the skeletonized design.

After the Accutron Spaceview’s 17 year production run, the model went dormant for several decades, until its revival just a few years ago. Despite being superseded by the industry-shaking quartz revolution, the Accutron Spaceview holds a unique place in horological history, and is a true testament to mid-century innovation and design.

Holding it up to your ear, the gentle hum of the tuning fork is a soothing reminder of its revolutionary legacy, and why it has earned a special place as a cult favourite among modern day collectors. 


This 1970's release, celebrating Bulova's 100th anniversary, features a bold, and asymmetrical 38mm x 42mm case designed to mimic the shape of a tuning fork, and houses the renowned Calibre 214 movement. 

This watch was produced for only *one year* through 1975! Hence the absence of the "N" date code on the caseback.

The watch was released in two metal variations: Gold plated and steel, the latter of which is the one presented in this listing. The steel versions were allegedly produced at 1/10th the volume of its gold plated counterpart, making it an extremely rare watch, and in this condition...nearly an impossible find. 

Both variations are available in the Watchable Shop today, either separately, or as a package.


Perhaps what makes this offering more special than all others, is the fact that it is a never worn, "new old stock" (NOS) example, which comes complete with its original box. If looking closely you may find the tiniest of hairline scratches in a spot or two on the watch due to its seldom light handling over the past 50 years (after all, it's not like it came straight off the assembly line), and a few small naturally-occurring blemishes on the caseback (likely a result of age-related oxidization). But aside from that, this is as fresh as NOS old stock gets.


Its tritium markers and a large stick handset display a wonderfully even patina. The original blend of brushed and polished finish on the chunky case is flawless, and the case edges are pristine. The white text pressed on the crystal shows NO printing loss or degredation, which is an imperfection commonly seen on these models. Paired with the original bracelet, box, hang-tags, and an Accutron branded battery removal tool, this set is a pure delight.


The story goes that that owner had kept these two watches in their boxes, locked away in a drawer, since purchased new in the mid 1970's. When the owner recently decided to sell, he noticed that they were in need of a new battery, so both watches were sent to an Accutron expert for a battery change and a service. Does it get much better than that? Freshly serviced, NOS? This is a collector's dream.




MOVEMENT: Electric
CALIBRE: Calibre 214
CASE METAL: Stainless Steel
BRACELET: Gold Plated
CRYSTAL: Sapphire
CASE SIZE: 38mm x 42mm
WATER RESISTANCE: Due to its age, we recommend keeping away from heavy water exposure
CONTENTS: Original Box, hang-tags, and


Accutron branded battery removal tool

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