Gübelin Ipso Matic, 35mm (c. 1950’s)


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Gübelin, the Swiss luxury brand with a flair for the extraordinary, has been dazzling the world since 1854. Founded by Eduard Jakob Gübelin in Lucerne, Switzerland, this brand started with gemstones that quickly became the talk of the town for their unmatched quality and beauty.

In the decades that followed, Gübelin expanded into jewelry design, creating masterpieces with exquisite craftsmanship and the finest materials. By the mid-20th century, they made their mark in the watch world, showcasing high-end timepieces from giants like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe, often featuring the exclusive Gübelin retailer signature on the dial - the type of stamped dials that collectors go nuts over. 

Over thea years, Gübelin also offered their own branded watches, crafted in collaboration with Swiss manufacturers like Movado and Eterna but finished with that distinctive Lucerne touch. The Ipso-Matic is a product of such creative partnerships.

Still family-owned till this day, Gübelin continues to live by the motto, "we at Gübelin strongly believe that true luxury lies in the uniting of inner beauty and deep knowledge." Driven by such strong values, and a proud history, the Güblin brand remains a beacon of Swiss elegance and tradition, while providing a charming vintage catalogue that is increasingly catching the eye of collectors of all stripes. 


This beautifully preserved Gübelin Ipso Matic wristwatch hails from the 1950s. The watch features a stunning 35mm steel case, which offers a distinctive wrist presence. The thickness of the case and the screw-down case back further emphasize its unique sporty character.

Inside, the watch is powered by a finely finished Felsa-based calibre 690 automatic movement. The dial, with its charming and evenly spread ‘Crème Brulée’ patina, exudes the ambiance of a high-quality vintage charm that makes one thing clear...this relic has lived its own story over decades.

The dial design is of exceptional quality, featuring magnificently finished faceted applied hour markers in steel. These multi-angled markers are uniquely set within the dial ensuring the watch catches light in the best of ways.

The watch is in honest vintage condition with wear normal for its age. The case is unpolished, evident by its sharp contoured edges.  The watch comes complete with the original dust-plate. Service history is unknown, but the watch is running as it shoulf. 


  • Brand: Gübelin
  • Model: Ipso Matic
  • Case Size: 35 mm (excluding winding crown)
  • Case Material: Steel
  • Movement: Felsa-based calibre 690 automatic
  • Dial: ‘Crème Brulée’ patina with faceted applied hour markers in steel
  • Features: screw-down case back, original dust protection cap
  • Circa: 1950s

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